We are continually adding to our list of workshops, let us know what you would like to see.


Budget Basics

It's easier said than done...right??? This half-day workshop will show you the basics of how to make and follow a budget. These few hours of pre-planning could save you many hours of fretting over bills or trying to figure out how to climb out of debt.  

Investing 101

Overwhelmed on whether you should invest in RRSP, RESP, GICs, TFSA, Real Estate, etc. There are so many choices and everyone has a great tip on the next big winner. Learn how to determine what investment vehicles and strategy is best for you. .  

Defeating Debt

We live in an age when debt is easy to accumulate and finance rates have been at an all time low. But waht happens if interest rates go up even one or two percent! Learn the pitfalls of debt and how to get a handle on not only avoiding accumulating more debt but strategies on how to reduce your current debt load! 

Preparing For The Tax Man

It's tax season again... Don't fret it instead embrace it. Learn what you need to know before preparing to file your taxes and even some tips on how to plan proactively for next year.  

Business Start Up

Have you recently started a business, either incorporated, sole-proprietor or home-based. Or, maybe you are just thinking about doing so. This workshop can help you avoid many pitfalls common to running a home-based business. Learn some valuable tips and strategies to help you get your home-based business off to a good start.