Tax Preparation - Personal

 From basis returns to more complex returns for individuals with self-employment income, rental income, employment expenses, investment income, etc., we can take care of it for you. There are benefits to completing spousal and children returns together in order to maximise transferable deductions such as donations, medical expenses, tuition expenses, child care expenses, etc. We strive to help you understand the complexity of the tax laws in order to provide you with accurate and timely tax returns.  

Tax Preparation - Corporate

 Every business is required to complete and file year-end financial records. We prepare financial statements and year-end corporate tax returns in accordance with federal and provincial legislation. We not only prepare the financial documents, but work with our clients to help them understand what the numbers mean thereby allowing them to make informed decisions both for their business and for them personally.   

CFO & Controller Functions

 Eagle Eye Accounting Solutions can work along side you either at your place of business or from our office. Our controller services take a more in-depth look at your business and look for ways to maximize profitability. These services might include: financial statement analysis, cash management solutions, profitability analysis, risk management, working with external stateholders (i.e.  banks, vendors, insurance companies, etc.), training your in-house bookkeeping staff, and so forth. Some of the benefits of using a part-time CFO/Controller include: cost effective (particularly for smaller companies that cannot afford to hire a full time person for this role), a professional to bounce ideas off of, more time to focus on your business, and better decision making ability to name a few. Our flat-rate fees are tailored to your business needs. 


 At Eagle Eye Accounting Solutions we can take care of your bookkeeping needs at your place of business or at our office. You can be assured that all services are completed or supervised by a qualified accountant to ensure accuracy. We provide the complete scope of services from initial set-up of a company's chart of accounts to recording the daily transactions of the business to year-end preparation. Some of the day-to-day transactions that we look after include: recording of customer invoices, recording of vendor bills, processing of payroll, bank reconciliations, GST preparation, etc. We provide regular monthly, quarterly and year-end financial statements allowing you, the business owner, to make informed decisions. Our flat rate fee structure is tailored to your business needs and allows for consistency in budgeting for this service.  



Whether you have questions of a personal nature or a corporate matter, talk to someone who has first-hand experience as a financial planner and a business owner. We can provide consulting on a variety of topics from:

  • Personal financial planning
  • Planning to start a bsuiness
  • Business owner facing challenges of growth, recession, sucession planning or business wind-up, etc. 

​ Call to set up an appointment to discuss matters relating to any of these topics or others you may be wanting advice on. 


Whether you are an individual or business, there are many things to consider when planning your financial course. At Eagle Eye Accounting Solutions we can tailor workshops to individuals of any age or groups of various sizes on various topics. Some of the workshops that we offer include:

  • Budgeting for Parents, Teens, New grads, Newlyweds, etc.
  • Dealing with Debt 
  • How to start a business
  • Investing