We offer both personal and corporate accounting services, from tax returns, bookkeeping, consulting and much more. We also offer workshops on a variety of topics for personal and corporate clients.


 Whether you are an individual or own a business you work hard for your money. Why leave the tax planning and preparation to someone who is not designated nor accountable to any governing body. At Eagle Eye Accounting Solutions* you can be assured that a designated accountant will either be working on your file or will be overseeing the work that is completed on it. As a designated accountant we are governed by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta and as such are held to a high level of accountability, thereby protecting you, our client.  



Eagle Eye Accounting Solutions* understand your business because we have started and operated a business in Alberta. This gives us the knowledge of not just understanding from a tax planning perspective, but from having faced the challenges of business ownership from start-up to growth to managing during a recession and everything in-between.

In addition, we have worked as a personal financial planner and are able to work with our personal clients on matters from budgeting to retirement planning and everything in-between.